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CEO Message

CEO Message

I feel great pleasure to introduce Abu Ibrar Hajj & Umrah Services (PVT) Limited, being the Hajj Group Organizer in Private Sector. Abu Ibrar Hajj & Umrah Services (PVT) Limited was established 10 years ago as entity and started functioning. Our first team was consisting of 100 Hujjaj went to the Holy land of Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj.

In year 2005, Govt. of Pakistan, Ministry of Religious Affairs, Islamabad recognized Abu Ibrar Hajj & Umrah Services (PVT) Limited.

Abu Ibrar Hajj & Umrah Services (PVT) Limited was established with a view to provide the best possible facilities to Hujjaj in the Hajj Season in Pakistan as well as in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our sheer perseverance and the valuable support from out customers has helped us to grow . Ensuring our customers the best possible service has always been our top most priority. This motto of providing our clients with superior travel services has enabled us to expand and establish ourselves in different Parts of Pakistan. We provide you convenient, expert service and first hand knowledge to help you make the right travel decision of Hajj.

Our Mission is to reach out to all of Muslimeen for the sake of Allah Subhanao wa Taa’la, reach out to all those who have desire to perform Hajj with out worries for Prayers (Ebadah) and Support all pilgrimage what ever they need during the Hajj with PRIDE;

–  Pride of Performance in our service.

–  Respect others by honoring our commitments.

–  Integrity and believing others needs.

– Development in the program all around year.

–  Evaluate the program constantly for Pilgrims benefit.

– Serve Allah’s Guest with out any greed so pilgrimage makes pray for us.

Mir Ahmad



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